Customer Testimonials

“When your desired house plans are more than an investment, you look for a builder who can interpret your dreams and create your oasis. There are ‘key attributes’ you look for in those you do business with. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart that reside in the intimacy of your retirement home, a place where you plan to be the rest of your life. With that in mind, you choose to connect with not only a professional but a professional that has ‘soul’.

Our builder, Randy Lawrence, is one of those people… He has heart. We have gone through every imaginable scenario, and his integrity, compassion, work ethics and drive for solutions have exceeded all expectations. In our process of finding Randy, we interviewed seven potential builders and thru the bidding process found the man who excelled above the rest with something more to offer, his friendship and an impeccable history of home building.

When you sign your contract, it’s a family affair with Randy Lawrence Homes and includes his multi-talented wife, Patty Lawrence, who brings her creativity to every detail. You will fall in love with her charisma and boundless energy. And don’t be surprised to have his three children overlooking your plans in his home office where you are welcomed at the door by the family’s entourage of pets. Like I said, it’s a family affair!

Did I mention that Randy’s bid was the most detailed and factual of all the builders, that the codes and inspections he builds by are of the highest standards, even in a county that does not require stringent guidelines?

There are many concepts that cannot be conveyed thru a set of blueprints and will only become reality by a builder who shares your vision, and that is what I have entrusted with Randy Lawrence Homes. The fact that I’ve met everyone of Randy’s subcontractor (he has the best) and discussed my vision for the end results has been reflected in astonishing craftsmanship in every detail of my home. Who can say that? And I know they stand behind their craftsmanship because of the personal pride they convey in their craft.

In closing, having come from a commercial construction background myself, there is no project that is without issues. The difference here is Randy’s commitment to finding a higher resolution for the homeowner, which I am grateful for. And anytime I have a concern or question, Randy responds with “Who’s Yo Builder!”, which is lingo for “I’ve already got this covered!”…and he does.

Without hesitation or doubt, I would recommend Randy Lawrence to all who are in search of a Master Builder and even more, a friend for life. Our home is open to the Lawrences anytime.”

More than words can express,
Ken & Rachel Brocker, Wimberly, Texas

For a very long time our dream has been a new house. We looked for over a year and when we walked into the home that we bought from Randy and Patty we knew right away that this would be our home. There are so many details about our home that we love. Even the placement of the outdoor lighting on the trees around our home is absolutely perfect. The materials and workmanship in this home are exceptional. The experience of buying the home was actually enjoyable and there was no stress at all. Randy and Patty truly want the folks who buy their homes to be thrilled with every detail – no matter how small. Words can not express how thrilled we are with our home. Some builders, build houses….Randy and Patty build homes. Well actually they build “Home Sweet Homes”.

Monica & Kevin Corlett, Dripping Springs, Texas

“This was our first time building a home, and we were apprehensive, as we had heard many stories of difficulties from friends who had used other larger homebuilders. However, we chose wisely with Randy Lawrence Homes, which is a local, family-owned business, and there were no problems at all! Randy Lawrence was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire building process; he is directly involved in all aspects of the construction. All change order requests were handled promptly and efficiently, and the venture, from beginning to end, was virtually stress-free. Randy is fair, completely accessible and above all, honest. Even now, over three years past our closing, he is available for us when any housing-related matters pop up. We would build another home again, but only with Randy Lawrence Homes!”

Nona Mason & Daniel Mendez, Dripping Springs, Texas

“We have been living in our new home for about one year and we just love our Randy Lawrence home. From the beginning of our project Randy provided guidance throughout the construction process from siting the house on the lot, to plan changes and fixture selections; always attending to every detail at the construction site. He was always available to answer any of our questions and address any issue expediently. He is a builder with integrity and continues to maintain a good relationship with us beyond our closing. We highly recommend Randy Lawrence Homes for your construction project.”

Susan & Dan Bonner, Dripping Springs, Texas

“We wanted to move closer to the kids’ schools and had been looking at properties/homes in the Dripping Springs area for over a year. We really lucked out when we stumbled upon a RLH house that had just been framed. It was a great floor plan for us, and Randy and Patty worked with us to finish-out the house exactly the way we wanted it. We ended up making multiple modifications to the design, and Randy took our “napkin drawings” and turned them into reality. Patty’s help and guidance were invaluable as we made all of our interior selections, and throughout the process their attention to detail was exceptional. Thank you again for all that you have done for us! We love our new house!”

Kurt & Jennifer Junker, Dripping Springs, Texas

“We’ve all heard the nightmare stories of building a home…cost overages, shoddy con-struction, the builder walking off the job mid-way from completion, sub-contractors not being paid, problems getting sub-contractors out to fix the little things once you’ve moved in, the high percentage of divorces brought on by stress, etc. Let me reassure you that when Randy Lawrence builds you a home none of these problems will occur. Randy built our home a little over a year ago and I truly believe we couldn’t have found a better communicator, advisor, trust worthy, or quality builder. We lived in Dallas for three quarters of the way through construction and would drive down on weekends to check the progress. We communicated via phone conversations and emails during this time. We knew from the very beginning what to expect regarding costs, the time table-from beginning of construction to completion, vendors, the dates when appliances, hardware, paint, etc. needed to be selected with a budget for each included, etc. No surprises! Randy and his wife, Patty, were always there to keep us informed, give advice if needed, a second opinion, to act as the liaison with a vendor, to calm me down when needed and reassure me…and Randy was just as available after we moved in as he was during construction. The end results…a beautiful home that more than met our expectations, our marriage still intact, a friendship with Randy and Patti and a wonderful community to now call home!

You can trust Randy to do what he says and to build you a quality home.”

James & Kathy Riensta, Dripping Springs, Texas

“In November 2013 we were shown a house under construction by Randy Lawrence’s company. It lacked several features that we knew would be necessary for our needs. With Randy’s help we moved forward and moved into our home in February 2014.  He and his crews were skilled and very professional. We would highly recommend his company and look forward to working  together on another planned project.”

Virginia & Clay Nunn, Dripping Springs, Texas

“In mid 2012, we contracted for our RLH home when it was unfinished and we were in absentia. Randy and Patty worked closely with an Austin based daughter completing our home to meet every expectation. Closing in the fall of 2012 and now looking back, we could not be happier with the craftsmanship or commitment to get it right in the rare instance requiring a tweak here or there. Thanks Randy for your personal commitment to excellence.”

Louis & Kay Allen, Dripping Springs, Texas

“RLH built my shop next to my house in a restricted neighborhood. It had to meet deed restrictions and still fill my needs for a workshop/boathouse while not breaking the bank. The building is 25’X40’, the same rock as the exterior of my house, has an enclosed toilet, a large sink, exterior hose connections and is air conditioned. The two garage style doors allow easy access for my boat and mobile equipment. The windows and gables match the house. I am in the shop every day. It makes my retirement dream. RLH was a pleasure to work with, did a first class quality job, and did it with a reasonable budget. I feel I got more than I paid for and recommend them highly.”

Pat & Bea Jenkins, Dripping Springs, Texas

Starkes Custom Home“Minde and I thought the building process was going to be overwhelming, with all the decisions that had to be made, but you made it a pleasurable experience. Your selection schedule and advice made life easy during the six months of construction, and the quality is second to none! It is important to us that we have stayed in touch, and that you have been a big help on other major projects. Thank you once again Randy, for your continuing help. We love the house!”

Trent & Minde Starkes, Dripping Springs, Texas

“As a very meticulous individual, who recognizes fine detail, it is nice to know that the same expectations and caliber of craftsmanship are shared by Randy Lawrence. There are many options when it comes to choosing a builder. I am grateful to have made my decision based on integrity, reputation and expertise. I look forward to reliving this experience in the next few years.”

Mario & Monica Fuentes, Austin, Texas

“My husband and I are very happy with the home that Randy Lawrence built for us…This is our retirement home, so we had very specific ideas about what we wanted in this homes. Randy and his team helped us refine the layout and make it fit both our lifestyle and our budget. The design is perfect, and the quality is superb. And even more, the level of detail and craftsmanship is exceptional. We particularly love the etching of my husband’s Sherriff badge in the stained concrete, and the farm sink. This home really fits us, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Working with Randy was a real treat. He is honest and he does what he says he is going to do. He answered all phone calls, and answered all our questions. He treated us with respect, and made sure we were always happy with the home, and the building process. We highly recommend Randy, to all our friends and acquaintances.”

Henry & Jan Hekker, Burnet, Texas

“I purchased a Randy Lawrence Home in December of 2005. As with any new home, there were minor defects that I felt the builder needed to address. I would call Randy and give him the defects that I felt needed repair, and Randy would immediately call the appropriate subcontractor or give me the phone number so I could schedule the repair myself. This process was never dragged out as I’ve experienced with previous builders. Never did Randy try to convince me that he wasn’t responsible for the repairs. Randy Lawrence is by far the best builder I’ve ever had, and this is my fourth house to build or purchase. Randy is truly a professional and an asset to the builder’s profession.”

Leroy & Gwen Churchill, Dripping Springs, Texas

Henderson Custom Home“We recently moved into a new home built by Randy Lawrence, and not a day goes by that we don’t marvel at how happy we are living in it. Every phase of construction went smoothly. Randy’s knowledge, and that of his subcontractors, is of highest quality. Randy and his wife Patty are great people to work with. We would build with them again in a heart beat. The Lawrence team is honest, competent, diligent and simply a pleasure to work with. Patty, your practical insight to color schemes, flooring, tile, countertops, etc. has been invaluable, saving us time and money. You are true professionals, and you built our home with the same attention to detail as you would have used for your own home. We are very pleased with the end product and our overall experience with the Randy Lawrence Homes team. We really enjoy the Texas Hill country, Dripping Springs, and our Randy Lawrence home on the hill.”

Doug & Doris Henderson, Dripping Springs, Texas